The Yasenchak Three

The Yasenchak Three
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Monday, February 21, 2011

FREE food at Jack in the Box

Who loves Jack in the box?  Who would love to get a free menu item? FREE! Did I mention that it is FREE??????

I will tell you how to do it.  Head over to Jack in the Box (only at the Bakersfield, Los Angeles, and Reno, NV locations), and ask for an Eat and Earn card.  Go home and register the card online.  You should have a free menu item loaded on the card.
*My husband's card did not get the free menu item, so I called the help line 1-888-418-6352.  They said that a couple of cards had a problem with them and they gave me the credit.  It took 2 minutes.  Totally worth it

Here is the link:

TJ and I both got cards :)

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