The Yasenchak Three

The Yasenchak Three
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cheap Diapers and Wipes

Are you sick and tired of spending way too much on diapers?  Here is a step-by-step way to get cheap diapers and wipes delivered to your door.

1. Head over to and sign up to be an Amazon Mom (moms, dads, and caretakers are eligible)

2. Search for a $10 off or a 20% off coupon in a magazine.  The coupon looks like this:
These coupons are usually found in Parents Magazine, Parenting: The Early Years, American Baby, Baby Talk, and Fit Pregnancy. (I get mine in Baby Talk magazine. I go to my pediatrician's office and take about five to six copies.  I have permission to do this.) 

3. Head back to Amazon and find some deals on diapers or wipes!  I will show you what I bought today.

huggies big-pack

Huggies Snug and Dry Size 4 140 count on sale for $33.59 (.24 cents per diaper)
-Click on Subscribe and Save before you click Add to Cart (scroll down to deliver every 6 months *You need to cancel this AFTER you receive your diapers).  This saves you an additional 15% and brought my total to $28.55 (.20 cents a diaper).
-Select your shipping address and payment information
- The last screen you see will ask Do you have any gift cards or promotional claim codes? You must key in your coupon code located on the back of your Amazon coupon.
-If you have the $10 off coupon this should bring your total to $6.79 (.05 cents a diaper)  
They are delivered to your front door in two days!

The wipes that I got were located here.  Yes, they are scented, but for $3.43 for 720 wipes (.0047 a wipe Not even a cent a wipe!!!) I will suffer silently.  You can get the unscented for 3.00 more if you can't stand the scented!

Now for a few rules you should know:

  • You can only use one coupon code from each expiration date per account. 
  • To use a second or more of the coupons in the time period before expiration, you will need to use different Amazon accounts (I use my husband's account and mom's account) as you will only be able to use one coupon with the same expiration dates and discount per time period.
* Do not forget to cancel your Subscribe and Save, but only AFTER you receive your order!!!

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